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Tank Liners

Domestic Tank Liners

Already tried patching and repairing your leaking water tank?

Our tank liners are a long-term and cost-effective solution for maintaining your home's water storage supply. They are custom-made to fit any size or shape of your tank, making them suitable for any type or style of water tank.

Whether you have an ageing concrete water tank, a metal water tank that's rusting, or a plastic tank, our water tank liners provide the ideal solution. They are a reliable and economical way to extend the life of both old and new tanks and ensure the safety of your stored water.

Commercial Tank Liners

Commercial tank liners are a versatile solution that can be used in a wide range of urban and industrial installations, including offices, hotels, hospitals, schools, chemical tanks, food processing tanks, stock storage, and warehouses. By using a commercial tank liner, you can effectively and economically extend the lifespan of your tank beyond just water management.

These liners provide an additional layer of protection against leaks and corrosion, which can lead to costly tank repairs or even replacement of the tank. If you're searching for a reliable and long-term solution to protect your tanks, consider commercial tank liners. They are a smart investment that will pay off in the long run by ensuring the safety of your stored materials and reducing maintenance costs.

Our commercial tank liners are made from high-quality materials and are designed to withstand the harsh conditions of the industrial environment.

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About our Tank Liners

Our custom-made tank liners are designed to suit a vast range of applications, making them ideal for residential, rural, commercial, mining, and industrial use. Whether you need to store portable drinking water, chemicals, oils, effluent, or fuel, our tank liners are up for the task.

Our liners are designed and patterned using sophisticated CAD software, ensuring that they fit your tank perfectly. We use state-of-the-art robotic plotter/cutters to cut the liners, and the latest thermal techniques to weld them. This means that you can be confident that you're getting the best quality tank liner available.

We match materials to usage requirements manufacturing from a variety of materials to ensure that your liner is durable and reliable. 

Our tank liners are made of the following materials depending on usage:

  • PVC

  • Reinforced PCV (RPVC)

  • Elvaloy, Aeon® XR3® and XR5®

  • Polyethylene

  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPEE)

  • Polypropylene

  • Reinforced Polypropylene (RPPE)

  • Polyurplotters

  • EPDM and Butyl Rubber

So, whether you need a liner for a concrete tank, a block tank, a brick tank, or a tin plastic tank, we've got you covered. As long as your tank's structure remains intact, or liners present a cost-effective and durable alternative to continuous patch and repair methods.


How to repair a leaking water tank?

Repairing a leaking water tank can be a temporary fix. If you're dealing with leaks, you might be familiar with traditional methods that require patching and a 7-day waiting period for the cure. Not only that, but you also have to consider the time it takes to patch the repairs. Our Australian-made domestic water tank liners can be installed in a single day and used immediately. All our tank liners come backed with a 10-year warranty ensuring the safety of your water storage.

What is the price of a water tank liner?

The cost of a water tank liner depends on factors like the size and style of your tank. For an accurate quote, fill in our ‘request a quote’ form. However, it's important to remember our tank liners are a cost-effective and durable alternative to traditional repair methods. They provide a lasting solution, preventing the need for frequent and costly repairs, and safeguarding your water storage supply.

How do you patch a leaking water tank?

Patching a leaking water tank is a common fix, but it only provides temporary relief and needs to be redone frequently. Did you know that it takes 7 days for a patch to fully cure? If you're looking for a more permanent and reliable option, our customised water tank liners are tailored to fit any tank size or style. We do concrete tank liners, plastic tank liners, tin tank liners, block tank liners, and metal tank liners. All liners offer a robust, long-term defence against leaks, surpassing the effectiveness of traditional patching.

How long do water tank liners last?

Our water tank liners are Australian-made and installed by skilled professionals. We guarantee the materials and workmanship to ensure a high-quality and long-lasting solution for your water tank. You can trust our tank liners to provide a durable barrier against leaks, and we offer a 10-year warranty as a testament to their quality and reliability. While the warranty covers 10 years, water tank liners typically last between 15-25 years.

What is a tank liner made of?

Our tank liners are tailor-made to accommodate a diverse range of applications, making them suitable for a variety of settings, including residential, rural, commercial, mining, and industrial. While we predominantly do water tanks our liners are versatile enough to store potable drinking water, oils, chemicals, effluents, and fuels, among other things.

Our Tank Liners are made of the following materials depending on usage:

  • PVC

  • Reinforced PVC (RPVC)

  • Elvaloy, Aeon® XR3® and XR5®

  • Polyethylene

  • Reinforced Polyethylene (RPEE)

  • Polypropylene

  • Reinforced Polypropylene (RPPE)

  • Polyurplotters

  • EPDM and Butyl Rubber